I Like A Leica #3: My Hood, Your Neighbor

Welcome to “I Like A Leica.” In this third post, I offer a few photos taken with my Leica M6 in and around the neighborhood I live in. Some of these are deliberately generic street shots and most of them were taken with my 50mm Summicron f2.

Little Girl Dancing on the Sidewalk at Dusk (Image by Chad Gayle)

A little girl dances on the sidewalk along 3rd Avenue at night (50mm Summicron and Ilford HP4 film). FLICKR

This first one is a lot of fun. I was out just after dusk trying to kill a roll of HP5 that I wanted to develop and came across these two kids in front of the Gray’s Papaya on 3rd Avenue and 86th Street. The older girl (she was no more than six years old) was dancing and skipping while her younger sister watched in fascination. Slow shutter speed, probably one-sixtieth of a second. The grain is heavy, as it always is with HP5, but it is probably a bit worse than it has to be since I use Xtol.

Don't Walk, Manhattan (Image by Chad Gayle)

Another one with the 50mm Summicron and Ilford HP5. FLICKR

About five minutes later, I took this picture (above) of a pedestrian crossing a block up. (These are both handheld, of course.)

Black and White Window Dressing (Image by Chad Gayle)

Mannequins in a shop window with buildings reflected in the glass (50mm Summicron f2). FLICKR

Next up is a daytime shot, your basic New York mannequin with reflected buildings photo. I’v done a lot of these but never with an M6. Even with a yellow filter on the lens, the clouds still didn’t turn out dark enough (too hazy that day); the angle also isn’t great.

Dirty Laundry, Bad Fix (Image by Chad Gayle)

Dirty laundry: the splotches are from residual particles in my bottle of fix (50mm Summicron f2). FLICKR

Another handheld night shot done in the doorway of a laundromat, “Dirty Laundry, Bad Fix” shows some classic errors in development. Error #1: not cleaning out the bottle that contains your re-used fix (I re-use each batch five times). Error #2: not using gloves after PhotoFlo to remove film from its reel.

Park Avenue Tunnel at Night (Image by Chad Gayle)

Night time image at of a Manhattan tunnel taken with the Leica 90mm Elmarit f2.8. FLICKR

Last and to some degree least, we have a night-time image of one of the tunnels that runs under Park Avenue. Technically, not really in my hood, but close enough. This was done with my 90mm Elmarit at around f4 or f5.6, if I remember correctly, with a tripod. Shot on Acros 100 film.

That’s all for this week. Check these images out on Flickr (see links in the captions) to add them to your collection(s) or comment.

Next up: 42nd Street!